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FMC act strangely, blocking my TO procedure


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I've tried the A300 freighter from something like 10-12 flights now (and I have to say that is a really impressive works guys, good job).

But two times, there was a behavior that I didn't understand : somehow, IRS never aligned (ATT in red on the PFD screen) however I press "align IRS" on the FMC. Then I can't do a "next page" on the INIT menu, I have a "not allowed" response. However I was on this very page just before in order to enter block fuel ,etc..

And after starting both engines, I wanted to start the 2 Pitch trim levers to be able to set the TO trim wheel, but they come down (refuse to be on). A little detail that could be important : The ADI cage can't be release : pull the lever do nothing (both engines on).

I think there is something at the start of this strange cascade of event but I can't figure if it's me, or if it's a random bug.

I'm always following the very same procedure, so I'm leaning for a bug, but I'm not a perfect simmer, after all, it could be me.

Anyway, is some people have the same things happened ?

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Thanks for all your responses, I'm going to try that right now 😉


What probably happened is that you put one of the IRS rotaries into ATT mode by accident, which would explain all these.

Could it be true if this was a very short turn, like I scrolled 2 notches by mistake then turn back on NAV ?

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