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Geometry Issues with Terminal Buildings


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With it being my local for over a decade, I am absolutely in love with this Dubai scenery. The developers have done an immense job capturing all it's little nuances, however I have a few minor nit-picks that I wanted to put out there. There are a number of geometry issues across multiple terminal buildings. I have included some comparison screenshots to demonstrate these issues. This includes the ends of each terminal building appearing to be much taller and less "squished down" than their real-world counterpart. This is incredibly noticable with Concourse B and C. Each building also appears to rise to a very visible "point", whereas the real-world counterpart is much smoother and more rounded. I realise that these geometry-related issues would be incredibly difficult to resolve at this point and that the overall shape is incredibly difficult to nail. It may also be worth noting that the colours also lack a lot of vibrancy in the windows, however I can see that this issue has already been brought up in an earlier fourm post.


Further from this, at some point down the line I'd really appreciate fully realised interiors for Concourse A and B, similar to that of Concourse D. These are essentially the "main" terminals in use at Dubai International with really unique views from indoors. Whilst it's not a noticeable issue currently due to the lack of modern-day Emirates aircraft in the simulator, once the PMDG 777 releases, departures and arrivals at these gates are going to be incredibly popular given that it is used exclusively by Emirates. I understand the considerations for performance, so perhaps allowing customers the option to enable interiors per concourse would be a fitting solution?

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I don't mean to take away from the incredible work that the developers have already done on this airport. I feel very grateful to have such a fantastic rendition of this wonderful airport.

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