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All Displays and Systems Frozen


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I think there are similiar bugs already reported. I am not sure. For me it is the second time now.  I have done 11 flight with a total flight time of 35 hrs. 

Flight: UNNT - VHHH

I was on cruise FL330 and still 400 nm until  Honk Kong. I was about to select RW07R for approach as the FMC and all other systems were freezing. Only the analog altitude bug did some weird things. 

I was still able to fly the airplane manually. 

I dont remeber exactly the first time it happend. But I know it happens as I was loading the flightplan into the FMC via "Acars" from simbrief.



-Win11 (i9 13.9k, RTX4090, Z790)


-Thrustmaster Boeing Yoke, Thrustmaster Pedals, Honeycomb Bravo Throttles

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UNNT/25 K0839F330 DCT IPLEN B228 KUDEB P983 NIGOR/K0837S1005 Y962 MORIT B330 GYA A599 POU R473 SIERA SIER6B VHHH/25

CostIndex: 60

I was selecting "no star" for RW07R and hit the "insert" LSK as it freezed. 


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