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Testflight in harsh winter conditions with fuel miscalculation


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After being used to the moderate fuel consumption of the Fenix I was not prepared for the hundred tons take-off weight and the thirsty turbines of this beast!

Here is one of my test flights where my fuel assumption (which is what an average CFM56 probably needs to fly this track +1 ton for unprepared winds) miserably failed. Because it is no CFM56 but a General Electric which is so thirsty it wants to get the Jet A1 pumped in by a firehose.

Enjoy... 🙂


2024-01-08 21_34_00-Greenshot.jpg

2024-01-08 22_01_17-Greenshot.jpg

2024-01-08 22_06_09-Greenshot.jpg

2024-01-08 22_09_17-Greenshot.jpg

2024-01-08 22_18_20-Greenshot.jpg

2024-01-08 22_37_08-Greenshot.jpg

2024-01-08 22_39_32-Greenshot.jpg

2024-01-08 22_55_18-Greenshot.jpg

2024-01-08 23_07_33-Greenshot.jpg

2024-01-08 23_21_26-Greenshot.jpg

2024-01-08 23_22_59-Greenshot.jpg

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