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Question on alt restraints


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Seems  that  the  aircraft  does not  ahear  to  alt  restraints,  keeps  on  flying  thru  them, might  be  setting  it  up  wrong.   I  set  up a sid   from  airport   set the  top  of  alt  say fl360  in  window,  first  restraint   was  5000   flew   past  that   and  thru  the  rest  of  the  restraints  of  sid  to  tod

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My understanding is that the A-300's VNAV system does not adhere to restrictions during a profile climb if the FCU is set to a higher altitude than the constraint.  So, if you are on a SID that has something like XXXXX at or at or below 15000, you would have to have 15000 set in the FCU.  If you have your cruise, let's say 36000 set, all constraints below that altitude are ignored/deleted.  If the restraint is at or above, then changing the FCU altitude would not come into play and you would just set it to either the next highest at or at or below or the cruise altitude, whichever is lower.  

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