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TCA Throttle unable to calibrate for A300

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I am not able to calibrate my Thrustmaster TCA Throttle. Tried all the tips in the MSFS Forum and in You Tube but nothing works for me. Also it is not possible to use a Tiller, tried all settings in the EFB, nothing works. Is there any Work from Inibuilds in progress or are we on our own? Any hint to fix the Problem is most appreciated. 

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Hi and thank you for the quick replay. As I mentioned in my post, when I try to calibrate my TCA Throttle and I go step by step, first full revers, revers Idle, Idle and then TOGA all as per the instruction. Then I move the Throttle to Idle and the N2 is going up and down about 10-15% and the Reverser Light above the Engine Indication goes on. Going to the outside View you can see the T/Rs open and closing a bit constantly. 

The other Problem I have it the Tiller. No matter how I adjust the Tiller and Rudder options in the EFB Setting Page( Auto Tiller Disconnect ON or OFF and the Rudder Control Tiller ON or OFF. I can not get the Tiller Axis to work. If I use the Rudder Pedals the Steering via the Rudder works fine.

Extra Info: I also fly the Fenix A320 with a different Profile and all works fine, then I created a new Profile just for the Ini A300, no help. I updated the TCA Firmware to the newest Version after it did not work with the old one. 

I real hope you can lead me in the right Direction and get this Problems fixed.

Brgds and thank you


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As for the first issue, you can try this:

We will add deadzones around the set points in the next version, that should remove those issues.


Which tiller axis? From my knowledge, there is only a "Nose Wheel Steering Axis", but that works as expected for me

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