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RMI needles ADF


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I have noticed that my RMI needles does not work when ADF station has been appropriately tuned.  For instance I was making an approach on the ILS runway 27 at East Midlands EGNX, As you descend on glideslope there is a altitude check at locator beacon EME 353.5. I have tuned the locater on my ADF selectors on the pedestal panel however RMI ADF indicator remains flagged, in other words - it does not work. I tried this with other ADF beacons and still that does not work. VORs and ILS work fine. Unless I am doing something wrong.

I am on latest inibuilds version however same problem occurred on previous build. 

Any feedback ?

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Very rarely these days.  Back in the old days you could tune an NDB into an AM radio station for guidance (If you knew where the antenna was).  Most of the time, you will only use an ADF/NDB on an ILS approach that has one associated with the approach, like an in conjunction with the OM.  

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