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Altitude Constraints in Profile Climb


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Should the A300-600/A310 level off at constraints in the climb when PROF is active? I don't fly it IRL but found this in the A310's FCOM which seems to suggest it should actually level off when it encounters an AT or AT OR BELOW constraint:

image.thumb.png.48d586a346fe7dc7d6f81de8c301bbbb.png image.thumb.png.bf2b1afda638bd853053850fc818292c.png

Can someone confirm the actual behavior of the aircraft?


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I found that part confusing as well, along with the diagram below that paragraph. That section seems to first indicate that a constraint will be missed if the FCU ALT is not increased in time, which makes sense. Then it states that all constraints between the aircraft actual altitude and FCU ALT are deleted, which makes less sense as the aircraft has presumably already leveled off at the FCU ALT. 

But then again, on Page 7, it shows a typical climb profile with the FCU ALT at T/C and the aircraft leveled off at the altitude constraint below it, which is consistent with paragraph I highlighted earlier.

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