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Runway Threshold Lights On Wrong Position on 3 Runways


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Dear IniBuilds Support,

I believe there's some error with the runway threshold lighting on three runways.

Runways 12L, 12R and 30R all have displaced thresholds, normally, displaced thresholds have red lights to indicate they're not the actual thresholds, and the actual (landing) thresholds have the green lights.

Now, in OMDB the displaced thresholds don't have the red lights, but they have red sideline lights and the touchdown zone lights are also red until the actual threshold. The green lights are located on the actual thresholds. See video links and attached pics for comparison (I couldn't find a video for RWY 12R but it's same with the other 2):

Runway 12L:


Runway 30R:


OMDB RWY 12L_Actual_Threshold.jpg

OMDB RWY 12L_Displaced_Threshold.jpg

OMDB RWY 12R_Actual_Threshold.jpg

OMDB RWY 12R_Displaced_Threshold.jpg

OMDB RWY 30R_Actual_Threshold.jpg

OMDB RWY 30R_Displaced_Threshold.jpg

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