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Missing Flags Analogue Gauges


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When power is removed from the aircraft (C/D), there are various flags missing on the instruments.

Example #1 - The little ‘VIB’ vibration flag on the standby altimeter

Example #2 - The counting indicator on the clocks should have a red ‘OFF’ flag when power is removed.

Example #3 - The RMIs are missing the center HDG flag when power is removed.  Also, the two little VOR flags on the left and right could be a little more prominent than they are now. There is also a little orange heading bug which does appear to be modeled in the inI A300.  However, this little orange heading bug should move to the 6 o’clock position when power is removed.  Finally, the DME counters should have an orange/white hatched flag over them when power is removed.

Example #4 - The flags on the ADF RMIs could be a little bit more prominent.  They are barely visible now, but they do appear to be modeled.

Example #5 - I believe the Standby artificial horizon should have some sort of flag, but I cannot find specific reference material to the type of standby horizon you have modeled.  For this one, you may want to check your reference material to see if this one has a flag when powered off.







Robert Schumacher

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