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A300 MSFS assign Eng Start and APU button to TCA?

Kevin Silva

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Is there a way to assign/map the Engine Start 1, 2 buttons (left and right of the ignition knob) to the TCA Quadrant? Also, what about the APU Master SW ON and Start buttons to the TCA? Was hoping to make use of the 5 and 6 buttons on the TCA for convenience.

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4 hours ago, Kevin Silva said:

Its ok thanks just thought I was missing something. Perhaps one day it might be integrated natively. 



Doubtful.  MSFS in game control profiles are and always will be limited to what they need for the aircraft they provide.  Do yourself a favor and look into Axis and Ohs as well as SpadNext.  Best 20 something dollars you will spend on the sim.  The work with all aircraft. 

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