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EFB improvements


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Congrats on a great product. I am very happy with it.

I am only missing a couple of things in the EFB to complete the experiences, especially since I am flying on VR most of the time.

1. The ability to display the OFP from Simbrief on the tablet
2. The ability to drag and scroll the Navigraph charts
3. Night view of Navigraph charts - when flying at night it is blinding!
4. Ability to pin charts - without it, scrolling through a large airport on the final stages of a flight to switch charts takes too long and too much attention.
Switch to the approach chart from STAR, or APP to ground.
5. A nice-to-have moving map from Navigraph would be great.


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I think I saw somewhere that Asobo doesn't integrate anything with Navigraph due to licensing issues. That is a big set back of course to any serious aircraft implementation.

But regardless, there are a lot of details I'd like to see from the A300 brought to the A310. Even the textures.

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