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Gear with TCA Throttle quadrant configuration is always up and down


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There's something wrong with MSFS and the TCA, yes.  The switch constantly sends back a "Up" signal to the sim so it will keep flicking back up regardless of whether you click it into the neutral position.   There's been many discussion on this in different forums, here's a sample form the MSFS forum:


...and from the PMDG forum:



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As stated above, the best thing any simmer can do is stop using the MSFS controller profiles.  

1. They make a ton of "suggested and helpful" settings for you that results in a myriad of duplicate entries across all your controllers (keyboard and mouse included).
2. While maybe (I stress maybe) it is good enough for the majority of default planes, they are nowhere powerful enough to take advantage of even a rudimentary study level aircraft.
3. The MSFS update process can, has and will at some point set all your in sim profiles back to default.  This is especially true if you participate in the betas.  If it hasn't happened to you, just wait.  
4. You are responsible to remember that that profile you set up for the A300 is not active because you last flew the B737.  You are on takeoff roll and nothing works because you forgot to change. 

I recommend Axis and Ohs.  I recommend this because it is what I use and know.  SpadNext does the same things.  The interfaces are different, and you will have one camp tell you how much better the one is over the other.  Just get one of them and use it.  I have tried both, began using Axis and Ohs first though and that is more familiar and comfortable to me.  I am sure that if I started with SpadNext that would be my choice.

1. They work with every aircraft, past, present and future. 
2. They remember what profile goes with what plane down to the level of the livery (no more thinking, thinking is dangerous for most people)
3. There are ton of folks smarter than us who gladly make and publish profiles that you can load and go so you don't even have to know what you are doing (dangerous too though, learn what you use)
4. Your controller profiles are outside of the sim and the wonky and required update process can't touch them.
5. You won't have MS/Asobo telling you how you want your controls to work.  Take control.

If you read this and other forums, there are three reasons for most issues.

1. You don't know what you are doing. Never read the manuals or searched online for other information.
2. You don't have control of your sim.  You blindly allow the sim to control you.  (Xboxers are somewhat exempt to this as they have no control, but that was their choice).
3. You think all issues are caused by the developers and compare one developer's plane to another even though they are different planes.  No plane is released in finished form today and thank God for that.  In the good old days, when we got a plane that was it.  It worked the way it did and that was the end of the story.  No beta team can catch every use case, every system set up, every desire ("I want my aircraft to include midgets in the cargo hold putting on a circus for desert penguins").  

In short, get AAO or SpadNext and take control. 

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If you do some research on the net, you will find that this is a common issue with this type of aircraft (such as the PMDG 737) that use the "pump-off" setting in the landing gear. I used to have this issue and my work around solution (from another fellow simmer) is to create a new joystick profile (you may copy and paste the original profile as a duplicate and assign a new name to it) for the Boeing TCA yoke and then you delete any bindings to the landing gear associated with the profile. Thereafter, create a new binding for gear up (on press) and associate this binding with the up setting of the TCA Yoke, in my case it is button 18. Release the landing gear to the off position and create a new binding for gear down by pressing the switch to landing gear up but this time make sure that this binding is set to ON RELEASE. It may take more than one go for the binding to set as described (it took me three goes in my case, it is a known MSFS bug). Once you have set this binding correctly you should have:

Gear UP: button 18 on PRESS

Gear DOWN: button 18 on RELEASE

That should solve the problem of the "pump off" gear selection.

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