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Few things from a seasoned FS veteran


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Love flying this bird - Ive been doing Fs since '84. I flew the first PMDG 778 in FLY when it came out. Also a licensed AME working on 757, L1011, A310 and 737s. The A300 Looks great, feels great. Couple of house keeping items:

1) There is no red anti-collision light on the bottom or top of the aircraft. The reflections is there but no actual light.

2) Has trouble following its own way points via arcs drawn on he MFD. In fact it will chase a waypoint circling continuously if it cannot cross it.

3) Autoland - not sure as the PMDG 737 and Fenix A320 have struggled with this. It is not stable and the flare is way to over reactive. The descent on the glidesope "porpoises" and has trouble stabilizing. 

4) Similar to the A310 for ini, the A300 does not react well to time compression. When building a long haul, widebody FS simulator it needs to take reality into consideration. Auto time compression like on the PMDS 737 and POD (Pause at TOD) is a must 

5) Sounds - there is some strange stuff going on here  like the loud rumbling of something on taxi, descent and landing (the ini A310 does this too). If this is supposedly to be HP bleed it is way overdone. HP bleed sounds like a louder rushing of air as the LP drops off. The engines externally lack the heavy base rumble on start up, idle and esp take off and cruise of the real CF-6. I have stood next to many start ups and you feel it rather than hear it. The bass is totally missing in all phases of flight. The internal engine sounds again are too weak and miss the bass and vibration of the real thing. Yes the buzzsaw effect is great but you can hardly hear it.

6) crew oxygen supply cant be turned on

I know its a first cut and it will get better. Congrats on the first payware long hauler in MSFS. Keep up the good work.

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