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A300 Autothrottle Help


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Hi there,

I purchased the A300 from inibuilds and am having trouble engaging the autothrottle. Even with completing all flight deck preparation correctly and all lights extinguished on the overhead panel, with flex temp set in the thrust limit settings, MCP panel set with target altitude, profile climb and nav armed, and v-speeds set for takeoff, etc. When I press the in-sim TOGA button (top left of the panel), the autothrottle does not engage and I have to manually control the throttles for the entire flight. When I try to press the A/THR button, the autothrust mode flickers on the PFD but immediately disappears back to MAN THR. It's almost like there is some binding blocking the autothrottle from engaging, but I can't seem to find any bindings that would conflict in my settings. Interestingly, when I press the TOGA button in flight, I get a green "THR L" FMA, but it doesn't actually seem to engage the autothrottles or affect my thrust levers at all.

Is there something I may be doing wrong? Are there any known bugs with the autothrottle system? I am using the honeycomb bravo throttle quadrant for my throttles.

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