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A310 - Workaround


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As long as you wait for the official fix, there is a workaround to restart the A310. Before loading an airport on the world map, set the date before 27.12.23. I have set 23.12.23 as an example. Load the desired airport at a gate and activate the external power and it works again. Then set the date back to real time. Happy flying!





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10 hours ago, SuperSTOL said:

I fear it is only a half fix. I had the instruments freezing mid-flight just when the clock struck midnight (while I used the workaround aforementioned).

Well, I remade a series of test, and apparently what went wrong was after the date was set back to "real time" and I pressed "REF" then "A/C status" on the MCDU. Everything froze at that moment.

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4 hours ago, Mathlets said:

Tbh, I have not tested this process. I just loaded the Simbrief plan into the MCDU and made the usual preparations.

Oh, it wasn't part of any process, just sheer curiosity to explore the MCDU functionalities during an long transoceanic flight.

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