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EFB fuel bug


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Hello, just wanted to say what an amazing plane! Really had fun with a cargo flight tonight!

I had some issues with the EFB tonight and I don't seem to be finding any topics on this here. I'm on 1.0.1 of the airplane (the most recent iteration) in the cargo version, and when attempting to load simbrief values the plane's fuel listed on the IFB (and on the plane) appears to be in kilograms, even though I set my plane up for pounds. The airplane's fuel values on the overhead appeared to be listing kilogram readouts as well. Now I'm not sure at that moment whether or not the correct fuel amount in pounds was loaded; entering the fuel manually in the IFB initially yielded the same problem, but after several attempts to fuel it finally loaded (and indicated on the overhead) the correct amount in pounds.

For me just one small blemish to what is otherwise a wonderful plane. I hope to take it for another spin when I can.

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