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Sounds Seem wrong overall.


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Several legs with the same observations with sound. I really unable to troubleshoot effectively with volume sliders in the EFB or the main menus, seemingly no combo seems to give me the audio experience that would be expected, or from what I can observe from streamers, youtube etc. I point all audio outputs from the sim to single source speaker system with the only exception being GSX, FS2Crew ( not applicable in this case) and VATSIM Audio which go to a headset. I do not have headset mode enabled within MSFS. 

Hydraulic noises seem to be ok. No noticeable difference with fuel pumps turning on, or AC Packs being turned on. (Those may/may not have associated audio sounds?).  APU is substantially quieter then the Hydraulic noise, even directly behind the aircraft view wise, APU is barely noticeable overall. 

Engine start seems ok, with obvious transition from spool up, ignition, idle.   Taxi out seems appropriate with the famous hum and acoustics we all drool over with the CF6s.

Takeoff is where my experience seems to begin becoming even more unusual. Upon application of TOGA, the experience goes from the expected increase in bass and overall noise to quickly becoming the quietest phase of flight so far.  As N1 increases beyond 55-60%, audio goes to almost non existent - the quietest addon I've ever used on a takeoff roll.   Initial climb gives a odd sensation of almost going Mach 1.  Its shocking silent with not even a appropriate level of wind noise, let alone the buzz saw that should be filling my ears.

Cruise seems a mix of reduced engine audio and wind noise however at this point I'm doubting any of the audio experience is correct.   

Decent also seems unexpected and very usual.   Full thrust is much quieter then idle thrust.  When rolling back between 60-55% to flight idle the audio actually increases and can hear the buzz saw bass, but at higher thrust settings back to almost silence. Its so unusual that my brain believes the aircraft is throttling up when its throttling down.

Is anyone else experiencing similar?  I mentioned this to a real world coworker who is also hardcore simmer and also did several legs with the A300 and he looked at me like I had two heads.  This is beyond volume sliders IMO, is it possible that certain audio channels are not correctly playing? a bug with my install?


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Yes I’ve noticed this as well. The aircraft is very well built however there are some tweaks specially in the sound affects that need to be addressed. Hopefully they will fix this in the upcoming hot fix in Jan.

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