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Any chance of a Subtance SPP file for the A300?


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First of all....just an outstanding paintkit for the A300!  Very detailed and easy to use. (for experienced painters, hehe)

I'm just getting into Substance but it is almost required to have a 3d painting app these days. 🙂  Anyway, I'm not very familiar with blender but know you can export an FBX file of the model then utilize it Substance.

Looking at the incredible detail in the COMP maps, I'm pretty sure they were rendered in Substance and exported to the 2D maps.

I've got the bulk of the work done in Photoshop for the 1st paint I'm trying, but know there are some pretty tricky curves under the nose and by the tail...and doing these parts in Substance would make painting the plane 100s of times easier.

Please let me know if there is a possibility of getting a SPP file to work with...I really want to paint a few for the community. 🙂



Steve Dra

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14 hours ago, hallweston said:

We are looking into it. 

Great to hear Weston!  You did a fantastic job on the textures and if you built the paintkit....it as well!

I'm kicking myself for not learning Substance earlier now that I see how awesome it is for our line of work. 🙂

Thanks for the consideration!


Steve Dra

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