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A300-600R(F) MSFS - Brake fan and PROF mode


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Good morning!

First of all, congratulations on the launch of this amazing aircraft for the Microsoft Flight Simulator. It is for sure the most awaited add-on of the year!

I would like to report a couple of things that happened during my first flight with the A300 today.

- When reaching the TOC the aircraft went from SPD and ALT managed in PROF Mode and went to ALT HLD and SPD Select. It does not match Airbus' philosophy when operating in Managed mode. FMS CRZ ALT was set equal to the MCP.

- The sound of the drag caused by the spoilers starts when deployed and then simply stops working even when the spoilers are still deployed midair.

- When I landed in SBCT today I needed to use manual brakes and use them a bit harder than normal to stop the aircraft, until here everything was as expected, the brake temperature raised as expected and reached 400°C. I waited for 5 minutes to stabilize the temperature, but when I turned the brake fans on, the brakes went from 400°C to 120°C in a matter of 5 seconds. That's not normal, is it a bug already known at the aircraft?

Thank you for your time and attention! 

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