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Currently enroute to PHNL from KSFO in the A300-600


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However, the only problem I'm facing is that ProAtc/SR is not communicating. I can hear ATIS, but tuning to Clearance I  get nothing. Not sure if this is an Ini problem or ProAtc, but this has not happened with the A310. Any thoughts?

By the way, beautiful aircraft and no other issues thus far. Great work Ini Team.



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Ok I tested it but its a bit strange.  Here is what I did:

1). Tune to Clearance on (Captain side) - Ask for Clearance ( I get nothing)

2) Tune to Clearance on (First Officer side) - Ask for Clearance ( I get nothing)

3) I went back and forth between the two for a couple of minutes and got nothing.

3) Tune to  ATIS Captain Side for 5 sec, then immediately switched back to Tuning to Clearance

4) Asked for Clearance (Captain side) - WORKS FINE

I know it makes sense to tune into ATIS first before asking to Clearance is realistic in the real world. I just didn't think the sim would care. Is it designed to work this way or is there still a problem? Thanks again.



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