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S/E Taxi, Gear Sound, Cockpit ambient sound


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Hi guys!

- The external engine sound is missing during single engine taxi (ENG 1 OFF)

- Sound during gear retraction is too quiet (especially the doors of the nose wheel)

- In cruise: When looking straight to the instruments, the ambient sound (wind & avionics) is much quieter than if you look to the left window or the F/O

- In the real world, some CPT's try to minimise the ventilation sound in the cockpit by turning the Ignition to the CRANK position, GND COOL CTL to OFF and the OVBD VALVE to OFF. Then all the sound of the ventilation is gone and its much quieter in the cockpit. As its a common practice on the A300, would it be an option for you to implement it into the sim?

Thanks for your great work!
If you need further assistance don't hesitate to send me a message

~ Max

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