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MKJS Final Approach Simulations Problems


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Those look like GSX jetways. If you are using GSX jetways, you need to exclude them from MKJS and any other third-party airports that are installed to prevent this issue. Page 7 of the GSX manual explains it here: https://www.virtualisoftware.com/update/setup/fsdtroot/couatl/GSX/GSX_manual_MSFS.pdf


...since the Jetway replacement .BGL from FSDT might get an higher priority over other sceneries, it’s usually best to prevent GSX Jetways showing at 3rd party airports, so the Config option in the FSDT Installer has a page that allows you to Exclude specific airports from the replacement set. It’s very important to keep in mind that, in almost all situations, the GSX replacement jetway files must be disabled if you use a 3rd party airport, because these files are only meant to be used on default airports.



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