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SU14 Beta and NaviGraph 2312 Rev.1


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I have not been able to start the A310 in MSFS. After starting with an empty Community folder and verifying the A310 loads I started checking what I installed last. I found out that having only NaviGraph in the Community already caused the SIM to crash.

The SIM loads fine, and I can select the flight and click Fly. The load bar reaches around 30-40%, the MSFS music stops and the SIM crashes. Tested with other add ons and the Data Cycle works. This is with the latest SU14 Beta build and the latest NG Data Cycle.

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As an update to this, I have removed Content.xml, All a310 folders and all liveries. I also uninstalled the NG Data cycle. I let the SIM reinstall the A310.

1. After install, A310 loads successfully.

2. Installed data cycle 2312 Rev. 1.

3. A310 loads successfully.

4. Back to the main menu to install A310 enhanced.

5. Loaded the flight in the exact same spot as before the Enhanced install.

6. SIM crash on flight loading.

7. Restarted the SIM.

8. Went to the same location.

9. And viola. In the SIM.

So I'll call this fixed for now. Hopefully it is permanently fixed.

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