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I'm using the A310 for quite long time with two liveries (air france & tap), nothing to say.

Just this morning, I noticed this weird thing happening in the tail of both the air france livery and tap. It could be something with the livery itself, but I never noticed that (even though I have see this aircraft from all the angles), I uninstall both liveries, redownloaded one, reinstall it only, and the same thing happens. I uninstall the A310, reinstall it etc... it doesn't seem to happen with the default liveries.

Any ideas ?

(on the photos you can see that the immat of the tap A310 appears twice at the tail of the tap and appears also at the tail of the air france one)

I hope I was clear o7

Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 2023.11.24 -

Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 2023.11.24 -

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