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Rolo Bach

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Hello, I'm enjoying this plane so much. Despite still are some bugs and things to improve, she can be my favorite aircraft.

I've done a checklist and Spad.neXt profile, available at Flightsim.to (will be improved soon):


Please. Could you tell me the var's to enable the beacon/taxi switch? I've tried many ways, but everytimes the landing lights are set also on. I'm done something wrong, but I don't know what.

Kind regards,

Rolo (VAV)

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6 minutes ago, Nico - Gumby said:


We will investigate if we can decouple the two, but it might be difficult due to logic reasons 😕

Many thanks. May be identify the taxi light as is? Thus we can assign the taxi switch to them. If it is impossible; to me is not great problem to have the two lights linked as now.

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