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A320 Neo v2 ILS Frequency change


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Hey there,

maybe it's a bug or an operator error. I can't change the ILS Frequency und RAD/NAv prior I loaded a simbrief plan. So when I got directed to an nother runway its not possible to enter the correct and changed ILS Frequence, nothing happens. I can typ it in the fmc but i never update. Tried with LROP (Barelli) and yesterday the same happened with changing from RW 13 to RWY 31R ILS Y in LFML (BMW). Maybe you can shed some light in here or I missed the correct procedures for entering a different ILS.




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Ok, tried a third time but no success in changing the frequency in the rad/nav (FMC) manually. But I found a workaround: I have activated the stand by nav in the COMM and there I could activate the ILS --> pretty stable, GS Capture without any problem and a tough landing 😉


Alternativ ILS Activating.png

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