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thoughts on the new 320neo


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1. the Irs page is...plain

2.crew oxygen should be off on cold and dark starts.

3. Terrain on ND?

4. the flybywire appears to be very sensitive on banking

5. something is horribly wrong about how extended flaps look throughout 1-full.

6. efb pushback is broken.

7. horrible performance on approach, I play on a rtx4090 with 64GB ram and a 7950x3d, never had anything like this even in the old fenix. It freezes for 1 second every 7 seconds or so.

8. world map flight plan integration, unimportant for me but it is for xbox users for sure

9. sharklets: better than asobos for sure, sharklets are too bulky though, inaccurate curve at the transition between the bottom of the sharklet and the wing; it just looks too "round" and they should be angled backwards more. 

10. Engines seem to almost scratch the ground, there is something wrong I do not know what it is they are either too big or "hanging" too low

11.Overall the textures are very detailed and sharp. 

12. Sounds in cockpit are very flat and thin, same goes for fwd of the cabin, at the aft of the cabin however sounds are very aggressive even in idle.

13. I like that the windows are modeled even without a cabin so that raindrops appear for example.




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1: That's how the page looks like on Honeywell.

2: Can add this to list 🙂

3: Not planned due to performance.

4: We can't work with "appears". We would need solid data to back claims like this up.

5: Known already

6: Known and fixed already

7: Known and fixed already
8: Not possible due to custom FMC solution

9: Same as 4

10: Known and fixed already

11: Thanks 😄

12: Sounds are - as always - very objective and we need to stay within the MS Sound Spec

13: Cabin will come with full release.


Thanks for the feedback 🙂

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