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Please Add Seats adjustability to the Cockpit!


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From what I know, although you don't give it importance, I will try to imagine that you do give it so! 🙃


The cockpit seats are very flat and lifeless and give a bad feeling.

Please add a feature to be able to change them.

Currently, it seems difficult to tolerate these poorly designed seats.

Also, please allow us to interact more with cockpit components such as oxygen mask doors , other cockpit seat, etc. Additionally, please review the cockpit animations as they are very fast, like the Sunvisors animations.

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1 hour ago, Nico - Gumby said:


Thanks, we will take a look and evaluate 🙂

I opened the cockpit window and because of the position I was in couldn’t close it again. With fenix you can just drag at the front of window and slide it shut. I had to reload.

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16 hours ago, Nico - Gumby said:

What stopped you from just moving the camera?

I looked around but the normal camera view I used was too far forward so couldn’t reach handle, didn’t have this in the Fenix as could just grab the window and close. I will check it out next time. One thing I’m noticing though is when entering things on the FMC for example HOLD at Tartan for EGPH the sim is pausing for a long time while the MCDU figures it out then when it resumes it’s really stuttery, after pausing the sim and unpausing it’s smooth as silk again. Also not experienced this before and the loading circle frequently appears. Maybe unrelated maybe related.

good job though :-). 

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