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inibuilds / Asobo A320neo, future plans


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Hey folks, 

happy to post here on the first day of the inibuilds A320neo being available to the public as part of the Beta program. Tried it out briefly, will have to find the correct settings for my joystick but that´ll work out for sure. However there´s obviously a few quesions that have instantly come to my mind now that we know about the range of, let me call it that way, features included. 

For now, we have the LEAP engines provided with the A320neo. We all know there´s major problems with the PW Turbofan irl but being the 2nd variant offered by Airbus, the PW engine option has and will have a significant share of operators deciding for that particular engine option. Given the A320neo is an aircraft which will shape aviation for the coming decades I think having all the engine options available is absolutely necessary. So with that said, my question towards the inibuilds team is if there are plans for adding the PW engine variant to the A320neo eventually. I don´t know the degree to which that would be possible but maybe also as separate expansion not offered via Asobo but inibuilds directly. 

Also of course there is my question on if there´s other parts of the A320neo family planned, at least the A321 version. For inibuilds again I think pushing the A321neo out as well would be logical, but once more I do not know to which degree you may use your own product which is officially Asobo´s however. 


Anyways, all in all I also want to thank the inibuilds team for bringing the A320neo to our sims to the extend of quality we all know and appreciate. Ofc there´s still bugs but I´m sure you´ll continue improving the aircraft, not only till initial public release which is currently scheduled for beginning of December, but also beyond the December release. 


Best regards and have some fun flying the modern way, 


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