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inibuilds A20N in MSFS SU14


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The sound is very nice

after starting the engine at idle.
The noise in idle cabin wing view is very loud and not realistic and sounds like a starting noise.

But when I move the camera forward towards the motors, the sound is again very nice and ok

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On 11/18/2023 at 2:00 PM, alexm90 said:

Hello all,

i just installed the SU14 beta with the new A20N from inibuilds. Is there a documentation on how to calibrate the IGN/START button on my TCA Quadrant? It recognizes Crank and Norm, but not the IGN/Start Mode.




I'm afraid this isn't (currently) possible, because simconnect isn't triggering the command. Sorry for the inconvenience this causes 😕

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