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FMC Problems


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Good Day. Since yesterday i cant use my FMC anymore. its stuck on the COM Page and i cant select any of the other pages nor is it showing anything i enter in the scratchpad.

The mousecursor is switching to a selectable clicking icon (finger) but its not reacting. Every other thing is still working and it even shows the GPS Route i inserted in the mapmode view but i cant input any other navaids like VORs oder ILS frequencies. this makes the aircraft more or less useless for me.


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found the issue. the FMC is not working if you enter an ILS or RNAV approach on the worldmap at your arrival airport. seems like only VOR and Directs are working.

Im trying to get convert my purchase to inibuilds now in hopes to get the latest update and a possible fix for this issue as the marketplace version is still 1.0

(+ i would like to use the livery package 😁)

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