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iBlueYonder Dallas Love Field (KDAL) for MSFS v1.2.0 Released


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v1.2.0 of iBlueYonder Dallas Love Field (KDAL) for MSFS has been released. This update fixes a few bugs and downscaled textures to enhance performance.

This update can be downloaded via the iniManager.


- Corrected taxiway signs to read the proper runways.
- Added correct registration to SWA 737 in museum.
- Resized the vast majority of 4k textures to 2k in order to improve performance.
- Added a 3D model of the drainage canal on the south end of the field, between runways (set into the ground).
- Enhanced ground poly textures.
- Added wigwags and flashing runway guard lights to all hold short areas.
- Added an interior to the NetJets bizjet hangar, along with hangar doors that have a proximity trigger so they open when approached.

Matt Y.
Head of Vendors & Partners | iniBuilds

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