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Spirit frame rate issues


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Platform Xbox Series S

Purchased B2 from Marketplace yesterday October 13th. 

Frame rate issues from first flight, on the ground. Once I was airborne the stuttering got less and less and for a while it was fine. But after a while, especially while changing cameras, the frame rate becomes unflyable. 

I did a flight from Reykjavik to Fairford, EGVA and had the same frame rate issues on the ground before departure. During the flight I had maybe one or two very small episodes of this, and they happened when other players were nearby. 

On the decent, frame rate issues got worse but when I was at about 6,000 descending into the Brize overhead, the screens all went black and after that, the frame rate was back to normal immediately. Landing at Fairford, the frame rate issues were back again while I was on the ground. 

It's worth noting that this is the only aircraft that does this for me. I have a video of this which I am happy to send somewhere, but it's too large for this forum. 



I also have the VFR map bug. 


Thank you. 

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