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Announcing iniBuilds Palm Springs International(KPSP) for Microsoft Flight Simulator & Release date!


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 🌴iniBuilds Palm Springs 🌴 - Your gateway to desert bliss! 🌵 🥳


Firstly, many thanks to all of you who supported us on iniBuilds Southampton (EGHI) which released for Microsoft Flight Simulator last month! You can see the store page for this scenery here!

As mentioned in our last update, we are working on a larger JFK update for performance. Initial testing is showcasing good results, but we do not wish to rush this.. We note a small portion of you are still frustrated, but we are trying to balance one of the most detailed mega-hubs in the sim in an already resource intensive location. 🤞once this new update is out, it will perform a lot better for some of you! 🥳

Since our last update we have also commenced updates on all sceneries in our portfolio - some larger, some smaller with KOKC v1.03 now available, EGHI v1.01 now available, and numerous sceneries now on Xbox or PC via the Microsoft Marketplace! We are working through all the projects and you should see updates being released on these in the next few months. Be sure you have the latest iniManager installed.


Now to today's announcement - iniBuilds Palm Springs for Microsoft Flight Simulator! 🥳

Palm Springs International airport, covers 940 acres with two runways and is 2 miles east of downtown Palm Springs, California, USA. The airport is key in California serving close to 3 million passengers in 2022! The airport is served by all major US carriers, boasting services to the East and West Coast, with an international presence from Canadian carriers such as Westjet and Air Canada. 

In 2011, the airport was rated number 3 as one of the most stress-free travel airport's in the USA and we can see why! 😉 


After clearing security, passengers leave the main building via the automatic doors and enter the open-air courtyard, which contains a full-service restaurant, coffee shop, and multiple sets of restrooms! Who wouldn't be relaxed in this atmosphere! In our version all of these areas have been faithfully re-created to the highest detail with all walkways and outdoor areas modelled. 🌵


This level of detail also extends to other key areas of the airport such as the landside, jetways, terminals and bizjet areas! You can see this in the selection of images below 🎉







A key point of interest, in the vicinity of the airfield is the San Gorgonio Pass wind farm which we have faithfully modelled and animated, for that extra level of immersion when departing or arriving into the airport! 🍃 🛫


Key features:

  • Hand crafted ground poly, textures with crisp, bespoke texture sets (Runways, aprons, paths, roads)
  • True-to-life airport land side recreation with custom ground decals, signposts, vegetation, parking barriers and more
  • Accurately modelled and positioned dynamic airport lighting
  • Highly detailed models of all airport buildings, objects and surroundings
  • Bespoke taxi signage as it is in the real world
  • Up to date airport layout reflecting the current, real-world location
  • Fully modelled local POI's and surrounding buildings including San Gorgonio Pass wind farm!
  • Level of Detail (LOD) optimisation for every model to encourage the best performance possible
  • Use of the latest MSFS SDK features to allow for the best optimisation and performance possible
  • GSX profile included 
  • Full iniManager compatibility to configure your scenery for the best possible performance for your system 

Media will be showcasing this scenery from this Wednesday 18th October with release next Friday 20th October with the price of this scenery being £14.99 GBP excl. VAT.

We hope you enjoy this product and the updates coming across the iniBuilds scenery portfolio - let us know your comments as always and be sure to follow all of our socials!

Many thanks and have an awesome weekend! 🍹
iniBuilds team ❤️ 

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OMG! My home airport - and I drive by it just about every day. I was going to look for a particular sign to see if it was modeled by you guys did (the "Welcome to Palm Springs/Sonny Bono Concourse") so that tells me the attention to detail! i'll be looking REALLY hard at the gate interiors where I have spent many hours watching the sunrise whilst waiting for various flights out of this airport.

Instant purchase for me, and I've just about stopped buying scenery because I'm limited on funds these days, but this... oh man! I will DEFINITELY be showcasing this on my channel!


John Bauder / KPSP

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John Bauder

Palm Springs, CA (KPSP)

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