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First flight with the A310 from LPMA to EDDH


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After Months of waiting for a solution (cant afford a new PC in the Moment) I was informed that with SU13 Problems where solved and the A310 finally worked on my old rig.

Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU 750  @ 2.67GHz. This one does not support AVX but maybe it´s not needed, so my Question for the Support Team is, will that A300 have same systems, so I can use it as well, when it is out?

Flight was very smooth, planed it with SimBrief and had no Problem. As I remember I had planed 25 to of fuel and when I arrived in EDDH still had 13 to left. I thought the A310 was thirsty. Only the Landing was a bit hard, cause it wouldn´t decent from 3000 to 100 feet. Maybe my fault.

Thank you for such a great Bird.

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