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No Taxi to Gates [MSFS]


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   I fly the iniBuilds A310-300 and whenever I arrive at KBUF and contact ATC ground there is no option to request "taxi to gate". The only option is "request taxi to parking". I would like to have ATC send me to a gate where my ground crew would be waiting for me (I use GSX Pro). I use SimBrief for flight planning and I read in another forum to manually select a gate at KBUF from the MSFS flight plan but this does not seem to help.

     I think the problem might be that ATC thinks the A310 is too large for the gates at KBUF. I say this because if I ignore ATC and just pull up to a gate GSX Pro tells me my aircraft is too large for the gate and when I ask it to show available spots there are none.

     I have also disabled the KBUF_jetways.bgl in GSX but this has not helped.



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