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Stutters on final to Runway 20


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I seem to be getting quite a few stutters when approaching runway 20 on final. Appears to be caused by the railway scenery buildings popping in. Otherwise the scenery performs well.

I've just upgraded to the latest version of the scenery but there is no improvement. 

Any tips on how to resolve this?

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key specs:-

  • GeForce 3070Ti 8Gb
  • 32Gb RAM
  • I7-12700H

key graphics options:-

  • TAA
  • DX12
  • Render Scaling: 100
  • Terrain LOD: 75
  • Objects LOD: 75
  • Buildings: Medium
  • Trees: Medium
  • Off screen terrain caching: ULTRA
  • Rolling Data Cache 32Gb

I expect i'll need to spend many more hours adjusting the graphics settings until I can tune the stutters out 🙄.

Would reducing the fidelity of the scenery e.g. Static cars / aircraft etc make any significant difference on approach/final?


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Just completed a couple more approaches and it seems much improved with just a slight stutter just before the runway threshold. 

Does the scenery get added to the rolling cache? that may account for the improvement after repeated attempts

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I had the Orbx EGHI scenery which I uninstalled using their installer.

I also run GSX Pro and FSLTL but that's about it. I've also turned off the MSFS AI traffic and reduced the sliders for the other traffic types.

As i mentioned the stuttering has improved after more plays so ill see how it goes.

Would be useful to know if there are any other options to optimise the scenery which would affect approach/final

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Just to close this topic off, I revisited all my graphics settings yet again and managed to mostly tune out the stutters by tweaking the usual suspects in the game, Nvidea control panel and laptop bios / performance settings as well as deleting the rolling and Nvidia caches. 


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