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Inimanager not working

Don Ridgeway

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I can't access anything with this program. It keeps asking me to download it, which I have done and thats it. I cant find where to download my software I have purchased, Inimanager doesn't give me access to anything. The old system was better, buy the product, get a download link, download and install, done. If this is  the best   Inibuilds can do, they've lost me.


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I find that IniManager will not reliably instal the Sim Works Studios PC 12. I download the aircraft and select  the TDS navigation software option, Next time I load MSFS the PC12 has no TDS display, just a blank space. If I close down MSFS, delete the PC12 in the manager, re-download the aircraft and re-select TDS all appears to be ok until MSFS is next started and back to square one with no TDS showing.

I have contacted iniBuild and they say it must be a problem only Sim Works Studios can resolve. Not satisfactory!

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