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Constant CTDs – MSFS2020 – KSAT Scenery Ver 1.0.9 – MSI Afterburner


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Not sure if this is right forum for my problem. Just updated MSFS2020 to SU13 and am getting repeated CTDs when attempting to load KSAT Scenery (Ver: 1.0.9) while running latest MSI Afterburner (use for periodic temp/frame rate monitoring – not overclocking). All airports within a 40 mile radius of KSAT also CTD when Afterburner is running. My system is set up stock (no overclock): I9-11900k (custom water cooled), Nvidia RTX 4090fe, 32g Ram. All of my hardware performs within acceptable specs. Did not have CTDs with this combo prior to SU13 update. Your KSAT Airport (home airport) is extremely well designed, very accurate representation and a pleasure to use!!! It works fine when not using MSI Afterburner. Only other addon is LittleNavMap which causes no problems.

Tested scenarios:

- MSFS2020 launches normally with/without MSI Afterburner.

- KSAT and airports within 40 mile radius cause CTDs when Afterburner activated. It doesn’t matter if Afterburner is started before sim or after sim has loaded - same response – CTDs.

- All airports outside 40 mile radius of KSAT load without issues – Afterburner or no Afterburner.

- All MSFS2020 airports load – to include KSAT and environs --- when Afterburner not running.

- Selected aircraft have no effect – not part of the problem.

I even tried flight (w/Afterburner running) from Texas airport just outside aforementioned 40 mile radius, with intent to land at KSAT, but as soon as aircraft crossed 40 mile threshold, sim CTDed. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!


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Hey Nico, thanks for response!

Yup, weird science for me too😶!  No CTD with default KSAT installed---just ugly airport.   Default KSAT does not measure up to yours😄! I uninstalled your KSAT, ran sim with Afterburner/default KSAT, absolutely no problems.   Reinstalled your KSAT, ran scenarios (again) as described in first post, got same behavior CTD.  As I said before, problem started with SU13 update.  Everything worked perfectly prior to that update.  All other drivers, OS, etc, is up to date.  Thanks.

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Thanks for response. I use DX-12(beta)/TAA anti-alias but tried DX-11 and got same results – CTD. I normally use windowed mode but tried full screen with same results. Tried all anti-alias settings in both DX-11/DX-12 – same CTD.  MSFS2020 graphic settings are pretty much default, based on graphic card specs and anti-alias selection.

Of specific note: on DX-11, all anti-alias settings, I was able to get as far as “select Fly screen.” Once selected, sim immediately CTD. Again, it only happens with iniBuild KSAT airport when Afterburner is launched. If no afterburner, no problem with your KSAT.

I've had no problems in sim whatsoever with Afterburner launched, where scenery has much higher graphic demands than the iniBuilds KSAT (eg, KLAX, EGLL, EDDL, NYC, etc).

FYI: I use two different monitors: Samsung 34” (3440 x 1440/75hz – DP1.4 input) and a 55” Samsung TV (3840 x 2160/60hz – HDMI2.1 input). Thanks again!!!


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Nico, appreciate your help!  Really don't need Afterburner but used it with both MSFS2020 and XP11/12.  Both sims have means to track FPS.  Please yell if you guys come up with something.  Years ago we use to call something like this "F" word "Magic."  At minimum it's "weird science."  Thanks again and enjoy the weekend!!!

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