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I really love the B-2 Spirit but...


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first I wanted to say thank you for bringing this fantastic aircraft into the sim at very reasonable price, I'm sure you'll add features and functionality to the FMC as well as improve aircraft performance in the sim. I know others have mentioned the stuttering and frame rate issues but the range with full tanks and no added weight I get about 3500-4000Nm out of 6000 as shown in the sim map (and of course IRL), don't get me wrong 3500nm is still a lot of flying but I love to do long haul flights so that extra range is very welcoming feature. 

aside from that the B2 is a really nice to fly and cool to look at, the sound engineering is also quite impressive and immersive. keep up the awesome work and look forward to the upcoming updates, cheers and happy flying.


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Sorry for the super late reply to this! At what engine settings to you fly our plane? When flying at M.79 at roughly 68% N1, which we believe to be the normal cruise setting, I have a fuel usage of around 12.000LB or 8.6% of fuel which would equate to roughly 12 hours of cruise time or 5600NM; depending on wind obviously.

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