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Installation fails


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IniManager setup.exe installed OK and opened a few times. Then AVG reported that it was infected with IDP.Generic and quaranteened it. I whitelisted it on AVG but it would still not open and my computer started suffering from 'grey screens on death'. More fiddling with AVG and I got it to open today. Then it stopped and


appeared on the screen.  Clicking on 'Open Setup Log' did nothing. I have uninstalled it and removed the folders from AppData/Roaming and AppData/Local. I have installed it again and get the same message but there is now not an inimanager folder in AppData/Roaming.  Any ideas?

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Sorry, the image does not appear.

Basically it says

iniManager 2.2.1_setup.exe

Installation has failed

There was an error while installing the application

Check the setup log for more information and contact the author

Open Setup Log.

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Thanks for the reply. I think I have got a workable solution now. I deleted everything from my computer, disabled AVG, downloaded inimanager.exe again and ran it. It worked. I then re-activated AVG and it detected the virus again. I was able to set an exclusion to stop AVG scanning the file so all is now working.

Just for your information this is the message I got before when it would not install. I think the problem was all down to AVG or at least my version of it (AVG Internet Security ver, 23.9.3302 and an up to date virus definition). All is now good so thanks for your efforts.


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