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KDAL 13R blurry - Photogrammetry


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Hi all, 

since I was not able to find any other direct reference to this issue, I wanted to report my findings to a recent issue and hope that it will help anyone else.

I recently did some flights into KDAL and started to notice a strange phenomena which I did not notice before when I bought KDAL. On arrival or departure from 13R, I noticed blurried textures on the western end (threshold and first 2000') of runway 13R, see attached picture. This affects the runway but also the surrounding taxiways (C and L between C6 and C10, also T5). Initially, I suspected a product issue but even with a completely empty community folder and default KDAL, I still got blurried textures, but only on parts of the airport. 

Upon closure investigation, it seems that this does not effect the airport directly but a whole tile / rectangular area of the ground textures between DFW and DAL. A closure look on one stretch and a ramp of I-35E brought the solution. The affected tile seems to have some sort of photogrammetry.

--> Turning off photogrammetry solves the 'blurry texture', for both the default DAL and the add-on DAL airport.

Maybe this helps some of you, when having the same issue.

I wonder - did anyone else notice this blurry texture issue? (There are other reports, but mainly related to DFW. See https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/kdfw-ground-texture-problem-pc/593144/32 )




Note that the image shows the default DAL because the effect is better visible. The add-on DAL is affected as well.


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A quick update on this issue ... problem is solved. The correct hint was found in the MSFS forums in a discussion regarding DFW. 

The "blurry textures" problem at Dallas Love Field is caused by the "USA Photogrammetric Cities" Update - which is part of World Update 10. The USA Photogrammetric Cities package includes (among other cities) also Arlington, TX - apparently the photogrammetry for Arlington breaks several things at DFW and DAL.

When you remove this package via the content manager, everything is fine again.

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