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iniBuilds Summer Surprises Official Launch & iniBuilds A300-600 Development Update 2!


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Hello everyone, and we have some extremely exciting news to update you on! 🔥


Our official summer event starts tomorrow! Be sure to have downloaded the latest iniManager or join our Discord Each day, we will have an awesome discount for 24 hrs only, or a new product release by iniBuilds or one of our exclusive partners. This week we have two new partners being announced bringing you some unique products! 

The event will start on the 24th August at 5pm BST, with a new deal being revealed daily at 5pm BST, for the grand finale product on the 28th August! 🥳 🌴

iniBuilds A300-600 Development Update 2 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Back in June during FSExpo 2023, we launched our first development update for our flagship product the iniBuilds A300-600. If you are new to this project I highly recommend you go check that out here, where we talk about the project overall, some of the cargo options available to transport and a brief summary of the features that are going to be covered from systems to variants. 


Today, I hope to provide more clarify on some of those updates, with some fresh new pics of the project (as we know how much you all love pictures! 😉), and discuss some of the hard work gone into the project over the past few months. 

iniBuilds A300-600: 3D Model & Textures 


The exterior boasts meticulous attention to detail, with each rivet, screw, panel gap, and placard thoughtfully recreated using high-resolution decal sheets, leaving no room for compromise when it comes to quality.


The cabin and cargo doors have been masterfully recreated, complete with intricate animations that encompass not only the main access doors but also demonstrates a level of detail that extends to even the smallest access points and their corresponding controls.


The depth of detail extends even to the smallest features, as evidenced by the fully operational models of the nose gear interphone panel, external power panel, and main cargo door control panel.



Immersive in every detail; the liveries authentically embrace each operator's unique identity, adorned with precise stencils and markings. These liveries are super detailed showcasing the artful application of weathering effects that mirror the genuine accumulation of wear and tear from the skies.




We hope you like what you see when it comes to the 3D model and textures. Its truly some of our best work yet, and we can't wait for you all to see this for yourself 🥳 🔥

iniBuilds A300-600: Systems & Flight-model

In the last update we provided, we talking about some of the key features this product is going to include such as; comprehensive systems simulation, realistic flight model, full ACARS, CPDLC simulation, and a whole lot more! 🎉


Today, we are going to discuss these in more detail and what things we have worked on in the past few months 😉

The iniBuilds A300-600 uses the latest simulation techniques available in its flight model & systems. These include:

•    CFD simulation being run over the wings and tail of the aircraft and reinjected back into the aircraft's flight model. The A300 was built from the start with this technology in mind.
•     Improved ground effect model also using CFD technology.
•    Accurate drag and engine thrust simulation throughout the flight envelope.
Brand new auto flight system built from the ground up. New parts of this system include:

  • New Flight directors giving better smoother guidance.
  • New Autoland system including new LOC and GS laws.
  • New AP handling. This will overhaul LVL CHANGE V/S and all other basic modes for smoother more accurate flying. 
  • New LNAV system better able to handle more complex SIDs and STARs.
  • Improved core system logic.

A lot of work has been underway updating our systems and refining them to a fantastic standard, and our in-house pilot testing team are loving the results. 😍 🛫


This is going to be the last development update till we get into final testing and release preparation, so I would like to wrap up this development update with a plan for release and how things are going to be shipped.

To those of you, who were concerned about the PW variant; I have some good news. We are going to introduce this into the package for free. 😉 

Stage 1 Release: GE Freighter & Passenger (v1.00) before the end of 2023. 🥳
GE Freighter

Stage 1 Hotfix before the end of 2023 (free update) 🔥

Stage 2 Update: PW Update, IDC addition & Bug fixes early 2024 (free update) 🥳
PW Freighter
IDC Panel update in cockpit: This is the modern radio panel option, whereby we will simulate full CPDLC & ACARS via Hoppie along with the modern radio unit function. 

Stage 3 Update: EPIC Mod variant (paid expansion) sometime 2024 🔥
GE/ PW Freighter w/ EPIC Mod Cockpit w/IDC

We hope you are excited for iniBuilds Summer Surprises & the upcoming iniBuilds A300-600 🥳 💖

Many thanks for reading, 
iniBuilds Team

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