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KSAT is unusable with the PMDG 737 on Xbox Series X


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I experience a CTD most of the time I try to start a flight with the PMDG 737 on Xbox Series X. If I manage to not CTD, the black avionics bug will still occur, making it impossible to start my flight. Same thing happens on landing at KSAT, guaranteed black avionics. The airport is completely unusable with that aircraft.


Same thing *doesn’t* happen at your KDTW (a much larger and more detailed airport) so I’d bet a bit more LOD is needed to make this airport usable with the more advanced aircraft.

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Hey there, just wanted to report that this issue still persists many months later. It seems that the airport doesn’t play nice with “heavier” aircraft addons. Has anyone looked into this? It’s too bad that I’ve hardly used this airport since it doesn’t work with my primary aircraft.

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