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Need a good CARGO DHL please (without windows)


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Please someone direct me to a good MSFS A310 CARGO DHL livery (without windows). I am searching everywhere without any luck.

D-AEAS as example. Any other registration would be good enough too.




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3 hours ago, gumbyger said:

I'm afraid it's not possible to paint over the windows. But we will release our A300F later this year 🙂

Dear Team,


You don't have an idea how much happiness you have just given me. I will count on that day of release of -300F. I am die hard CARGO flyer and a fan of A300F.

Since, it is actually not there yet, I am managing somehow with A310, which is an amazing plane. Will embrace A300F with love. Waiting to see my FEDEX and DHL planes 😄


Thanks once again !!


Warm Regards


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