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A300-600 Xbox Release?


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Hi everyone,

With WASM now being supported on Xbox and developers seeing reportedly great success releasing on Xbox via the marketplace, (One extremely highly regarded PC developer stated on their first day they sold more copies via the Xbox enabled marketplace than they did the entire time their aircraft was available on PC.)


Are there plans to release this product for the Xbox? There's a few of us "hardcore simmers" that use the platform just as realistically as those on PC that would love to see this released next to the other high fidelity add-ons available.


I've checked various press releases, news sites, the main website, etc and can't find any mention either way.

Thank you!


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On 7/8/2023 at 3:04 AM, gumbyger said:

Around the same time I'd imagine, yes. Obviously there will be some marketplace delays, but it shouldn't be too much 🙂

That sounds promising😁 can‘t wait for this beauty🤩

Best Regards Maverick✈️ 

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