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iniManager v2.1.6 Released


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v2.1.6 of the iniManager has been released (For Windows & MacOS). This update contains a host of new features, bringing a new and optimised layout to the application, a cart feature and improvements to usability whilst finding products!

This update will be downloaded automatically when you launch the app or you can manually download it here.


- New homepage UI
- Added Cart
- Added sorting
- Fixed sale indicator positioning
- Moved sort to assignable functions
- Lightened "Owned" button to differentiate a little
- Added slight background to Price on cards to improve visibility on lighter background
- Fixed duplication of items with multiple variants
- Removed a bunch of extraneous logging that caused some performance hits
- Cleaned up styling and stylesheets
- Owned product text filtering
- Fixed Sale items showing when < 4 items with sale flag
- Fixed loading categories not utilising router history (back button will now work as expected)
- Carousel will now auto play on home page
- Side bar products scaling fixed
- Vendor page integration
- Vendor list odd margin fixes
- Items that are free should show "FREE" instead of "£0.00"
- Moved sidebar to a component for better handling
- Owned products now shown
- Reduced height of vendor cards on vendor list
- Fixed spacing on sidebar images
- Reworked / Grouped navigation
- Added Latest from iniBuilds block
- Removed iniBuilds latest releases from other home page categories to prevent duplication
- Fixed issue with homepage loading incorrectly on first load
- Fixed Pilot Support Showing incorrect departure hpa
- Install status clips with owned decal on home page
- Fixed some scaling issues on high res displays

Matt Y.
Head of Vendors & Partners | iniBuilds

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