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iniManager v2.1.5 Released


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v2.1.5 of the iniManager has been released (For Windows & MacOS). This update contains fixes for regressed items in 2.1.4, performance adjustments, as well as a new options feature on select scenery/aircraft products to allow further customizations.

This update will be downloaded automatically when you launch the app or you can manually download it here.


- Added customization options on select products.
- Fix for setting persistence.
- Fixed missing version on settings page.
- Duplicated Scrollbars on My Products.
- Fixed Hanging on update of SimBrief/METAR.
- Fixed an issue with pixel imperfect button size on METAR/ATIS requests.
- Added Store Button to normal navigation.
- Hanging on update of METAR/ATIS
- Removed Type Filter as it didn't work as it should, will be replaced.
- Fix for YouTube links in product descriptions
- Session handling bug fixed (Logout/Login)
- Updated API endpoint

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Matt Y.
Head of Vendors & Partners | iniBuilds

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