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KLAX Marketplace version and MSFS Premium Deluxe - special hints how to install?


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I've the marketplace version of KLAX and the Premium Deluxe version of MSFS (which includes the ASOBO KLAX airport).

So my question is: Do I need to deactivate/delete ASOBO's KLAX when installing IniBuild's marketplace version of KLAX or does it work without problems (like duplicate obejcts)?

Reason is: I currently have ASOBO's KLAX deleted and then IniBuild's KLAX installed (Marketplace/Content manager) but I have the strance effect, that when I'm starting from runway 24R and the flight is fully loaded and I click "start flying", there is nothing to see from the airport - after a waiting time of one minute half of the airport's objects are popping up, after waiting a second minute finally the rest of the airport pops up which should not be like this.



First sight:



after one minute of waiting the "right" half of the airport appears:


The rest pops up after a second minute of waiting...

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now I could test with the inimanager-version: The good news is, that the inimanager-version shows up correctly.

Now I have some serious fps-issues to solve but with the options available in inimanager I'm in "good hope"...

Probably you have a hint for me, which setting would bring the most fps win without setting all to "low"...

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Unfortunately I still could not solve the low fps problems. I hope that you probably have an advice which option to disable to gain the most fps without setting all to "no" or "low" or probably a setting advice for the graphics part of msfs. Setting all to "no" or "low" would cost me the advantage of this great appearing inibuilds scenery over Asobos premium deluxe KLAX version.

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